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LED Lanai Lights

Welcome Light My Lanai!  We are glad you stopped by!  LED Lanai Lights, Porch lights, Screen Enclosure lights, LED wall Sconces, Pool Cage doesn't matter what you want to call them, we have them.  

Stop searching!  

We searched for months to find a manufacturer and after hours on the phone, days on the internet and lost sleep....We finally found a manufacturer to work with.  We can't wait to transform your back yard living space with our one of a kind Lanai lights.  

We specialize in outdoor Lanai lighting solutions.  We offer white Lanai lights or bronze Lanai lights to match your screen enclosure.    Our lights are specially designed to fit on the posts of your Lanai.  

Here at Light Up My Lanai we understand that everyone wants different color lights.  With our lights you have the flexibility to have any color you choose.  You can set the color to be red, green, blue, pink, magenta, purple, light blue, aqua, warm white, cool white, orange, yellow....the list goes on with over 30 different color varieties to choose from.  The available customized colors give you the ability to create any color light you desire for you and your guests.  

In addition to the variety of colors our lights are fully dimmable.  LED's can be too bright at times or some people say, they are too intense of light.  Our Lanai lights can be dimmed down very low to create the ultimate outdoor living experience.

We can install 4 or 50 lights, our team is prepared to handle your outdoor lighting project.  Our service vans are stocked so we can likely install the lights the same day we come out to give you price.   We've partnered with Lanai Lights (the creator of Lanai lighting) and we are ready to serve you.

Lanai Lights, Screen enclosure lights, bird cage lights, wall sconce lights

About Us

Experience you can trust

I am a licensed and insured Swimming Pool Contractor in the state of Florida.  However I didn't start out that way.  I started out as an Electrician in my early days, literally at age 5 working on the weekends with my father; wiring homes, digging ditches, running wire through attics, troubleshooting, ect...  After trying to make this a career as an Electrician the recession left me little to no local work.  Near the end of the recession in early 2009 I went to work for the largest pool builder on the Treasure Coast.  I started out in the warehouse sweeping the floors and worked my way up to designing swimming pools and back yard projects for clients.  After some time went by I decided it was time to open my own company and focus on swimming pool repairs.  As I grew I realized the market was somewhat saturated and I  needed to be better and different than my competitors and offer more unique services to add value.  After months of research I stumbled upon Lanai lighting and quickly found the demand is high for these projects.  This is the best decision we've ever made and we love transforming Lanai's for our Clients. 

We Truly Care

We treat your property with dignity and respect.  We clean up our mess and leave your Lanai in better condition than when we started. 

Service areas

We proudly serve the Treasure Coast, Port St. Lucie, Jensen Beach, Palm City, Stuart, Rio, Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, North Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and Wellington.

Lanai and Screen Enclosure lighting

Financing Available

Flexible payment options

We are currently accepting, Cash, Check, Crypto currency, all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) as well as Zelle, Venmo, and Cash App.  

Don't have the cash on hand?  No sweat!

Some homeowners have all the cash on hand for home projects, but statistically speaking 70% of buyers would rather finance a project for a number of reasons.  Personally I get cash back on my credit card when I purchase something.  Past clients have said they get points, miles, gift cards, ect...  We can't offer these perks obviously but are working on 6 or 12 months same as cash programs.  We are working with home projects financing companies at the moment to bring you options for financing your lighting project.  

Please check back or give us a call.  We will be updating this page with options for financing and making payments online.  If it all goes smoothly, we will offer several different payment options so we can make this work with everyones financial situation.

Financing options, Flexible payment plans

Financing Coming soon!  Check back here while we finalize all the details.